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2020 may just be well remembered as the year the workspace changed.  As we have been recently sharing, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing the commercial real estate and A/E/C communities to rethink office spaces from a variety of perspectives including health safety.  We have received numerous inquiries from existing and past clients asking what some of the options are to create a safer work environment, based on their current systems and office environments. 

In an article we published in February 2020,  “Why Height Matters”,  we examined options for demountable walls based on company culture.  Additionally, we are seeing previously bid opportunities wherein the owner or architect has re-specified product to include taller office systems, based on employee feedback. 

In just two short months since that posting the world has changed, forcing manufacturers to engineer designs for existing systems to include:

  • Screen options such as wellness screens also known as “sneeze guards”, surface top transaction screens, free standing transaction screens, and dividing screens.
  • Cleanable pop up panel options, which are currently focused on healthcare intake and emergency treatment.
  • However, many end users are considering various uses for these products when they reopen office space.
  •  With panels made of laminate and vinyl, they provide easy-to-clean surfaces, but also quick install and reconfiguration as needs dictate.
  • Cleanable laminate solutions for reception, day-to-day tables, desks, full workstations, storage, and lockers.
  • Seating with vinyl upholstery for task chairs, side chairs, stools and benching.
  • Seating with antimicrobial upholstery.

Employees are yearning for reentry to their office environments.  As you are considering options to create that safe workspace, yet keep the feel of the open office, there are plenty of excellent options available that will provide protective barriers and cleanable materials to help prevent the spread of germs.  If you would like to discuss options, please call us at 314-645-4700 or email us at GetInspired@cocre8.net

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