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In the April 17, 2019 issue, WorkDesign Magazine Explores in great detail how cultural shifts are driving design strategy which are attempting to predict the future.  Here is an excerpt from that article.

The culture and demographics of offices today are changing, and workplace design is changing in tandem. We want the places we work, create, and innovate in to align with our personal and professional values, and we want to see our practice represented through design, from the reception area to the meeting spaces. When we are actively engaged by a space, we are hard-wired to be more attentive, productive, and creative. So, how can designers keep up with the demands and requirements of the office of the future? And what exactly are those demands?

To read the full article click here.*

*WorkingDesigns Magazine Article by Cheryl Durst

**IIDA Cover Photo by Eric Laignel / Wilson Sporting Goods Headquarters Photo by Office  Snapshots

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